Client: Nicktoons Project: Animation

Got to pitch, create and deliver these three stylistic spots to Nicktoons winter ID spots. Was really lucky to get the concept and style approved almost instantly, had a little less then four weeks to get them all done. This project really had a twisted side to it because basically we had to find a way for the snowmen to “off” themselves!

The three I made are part of a collection of 12, if I can find links to the rest I’ll post them up here when I can! But the three I made were based off some silly concepts I had in mind.

The first one here is a tribute to “Top Gun” and shows how snowmen shouldn’t get to near jet engines.

Number two which is one of my favorites, is the snowman jumping through a flaming hoop, I mean he tried right?

Finally I went a bit sciency (is that a word)? Anyway, A snowman and the salt flats can’t be good can it? Have a look and hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!

All these were done digital with textures scanned in to mimic various type of construction paper and such and I guess it was influence from my time working on “Little Bill” for Nick Jr. Pretty fun and exciting if I do say so myself!