Welcome to TasayuTasnaphun.com ! This site is an online portfolio and resume site for yours truly. It will contain links to sites and places that I am involved with both in work and play. Thank you for your interest in me and I hope you find the information your looking for.

About: Born in Upstate NY in the summer of ’77, Raised in Brooklyn and recieved my BFA from School of Visual Arts in NYC. Since then I have worked in Film and Television for companies such as MTV, Nickelodeon, JVC, and Spike TV. Doing what I love best, and that’s creating and designing things from animation to music videos to film. Always know to be “An Entertainer by heart and an Artist by Soul” I use that part of me to connect with people in the projects I work in. Always reaching 150% be it for Hollywood Features or for a friend’s wedding!

I’ve lived in New York, Thailand and Japan and am fluent in those locations native language. I have used those abilities to host shows like “Tokyo Reporter”, “あ!PoN”, and “道産子外人だべさ”. Using my experience in front and behind the camera to bring together some great moments.

When I’m not filming or performing, I fall back to the basics of drawing and storyboarding, as well as photography while adventuring.

Whatever is left after that, is entered here on the wonderful internet! Thanks for dropping by and please enjoy your stay!

I’m currently working as a freelancer for numerous companies as well as my own which you can visit at StudioUnicorn.com and ChaoticUnicorn.com!

-Tasayu Tasnaphun