Resume & Reel

Spring Demo Reel 2014 from Tasayu Tasnaphun on Vimeo.


1729 Linden Street Apt 3L, Ridgewood NY 11385
Home Phone: 1 718 821 0731 / Cel Phone: 1 917 238 0738

To use aquired experience to deliver dynamic and eye catching content for broadcast while telling a fun story using any medium the client requires from 2D to 3D.

CURRENTLY IN SVA Masters Program for Computer Arts  
Majoring in 3D Animation and Modeling


Employer: Saatchi & Saatchi NYC
Title: Lead Animator and Designer
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 02/2014 – Present
Job Duties: Creative Lead producing various commercials and spots for mant Saatchi clients.

Employer: GWI / VH1
Title: Compositing and VFX Lead
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 11/2013 – 02/2014
Job Duties: Keying / VFX/ Compositing work on award winning reality show "Love and Hip-Hop New York Season 3"

Employer: Eastern / Bravo
Title: Compositing and VFX Lead
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 08/2013 – 11/2013
Job Duties: Keying / VFX/ Compositing work on the reality show "The Real Atlanta"

Employer: GWI / VH1
Title: Compositing and VFX Lead
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 02/2013 – 07/2013
Job Duties: Keying / VFX/ Compositing work on award winning reality show "Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Season 2"

Employer: Urban Sled
Title: 3D Animator
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 08/2013 – 01/2013
Job Duties: Creating 3D elements and animating for global level banking firm.

Employer: Lancome Paris
Title: Creative Lead
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 06/2012 – 07/2012
Job Duties: Responsible for Animation, Motion Graphics and Compositing. Overseeing work flow between NYC and Shanghai.

Employer: Hard Luck Studios
Title: Director / Editor / Storyboards
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 03/2012 – 05/2012
Job Duties: Creating Story, Shooting and Design for Music Video “Appearance” by ATR

Employer: Bellator Fighting Championships
Title: On-Air Designer / Green Screen Keyist
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 09/2011 – 01/2012
Job Duties:  Doing Keying and Design prepping weekly Shoots for On-Air delivery at Spike for Bellator.

Employer: Animorphous, Inc.
Title: Technical Director / Animator
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 05/2011 – 08/2011
Job Duties: Rigging and Animating models in Maya.

Employer: iScrapp
Title: Lead Motion Graphics Designer / Commercial Director
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 04/2011 – 05/2011
Job Duties: Designed and Directed commercial spot for iScrap App.

Employer: Spike TV
Title: Motion Graphics Designer / Animator Freelancer
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 10/2007 – 08/2012
Job Duties: Designed and help work on various on air spots from Star Wars to UFC. As well as in house upfront presentations. And various tentpole projects like SCREAM and VGAs.

Employer: A!Pon Video Magazine
Title: Host and Lead Graphic Designer
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 06/2006 – Ongoing
Job Duties: Worked as opening graphic designer for A!Pon and host to all the shows. As well as package designing.

Employer: Comcast Networks
Title: Media Host
Duration: 04/2006 – 05/2006
Job Duties: Host on Anime Selects Tokyo Reporter Worked for Comcast as a host for their VOD Tokyo

Employer: Digital Mechanism
Title: Motion Graphics Artist
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 07/2005 – 09/2005
Job Duties: Worked as an After Effects Rotoscoper for Kiton Ad and Disney’s Miss Molly.

Employer: &Company
Title: Digital Art Lead at &Company
Location: NYC, NY
Duration: 09/2004 – 02/2005
Job Duties: Worked on the films “The Namesake” and “Awake” Doing rotoscoping and color corrections as well as dust removal and restorations

Experienced in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Maya.
Has Ability to pick up new programs very quickly.
Fluent in three languages, Japanese, Thai and English.